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​”This is 4 year old Nessie Noo Noo… looking a tad worried as I am taking photos when I should be making tea. You may remember Nessy as the violent girl who came to us to hold because her fosterer couldnt get near her and her rescue tried for another space for her. That didn’t happen so she remained with us for rehab. Nessie is ready for a home… her rehab will continue, but at the end of the day, she is what she is.

She is a very loving dog, great with other dogs and absolutely loves her humans… those she can trust. She will, if pushed or frightened ‘pop’ with strangers, but although she makes friends quickly now, this needs to be done carefully amd under supervision. On walks we ask people to leave her alone. She is very food orientated and easily bribed lol!

On a personal note I have to add that in comparison to how she was when she first arrived, I am proud and amazed at the speed in which Nessie adapted and turned around, she will never be ‘Miss Perfect’, but that’s how it is, but she has great character, and for the right person she will be the best companion. I can do anything with her and she has not popped at me, and she will be the same with anyone who shows her the love and respect she deserves.

Meet and greets will take time, Nessie will not be rushed (or she might be, as she is full of happy surprises!) She is great off lead….and her recall is excellent. Absolutely no children.”

Last Chance Hotel – Rehoming special animals that need specially caring homes. Based in Cornwall, South West England. Please visit their website to learn more about them or see the latest dogs available for adoption or fostering.

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