Ozzy and Scooby

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SCOOBY (lab bitch) 9 yrs & OZZIE ( spaniel) 5yrs

This special pair are looking for their forever home. THEY ARE A BONDED PAIR AND WILL BE REHOMED TOGETHER. Scooby and Ozzie are untested with cats. Older dog savvy children only please for these two.

Scooby came in with a skin condition this has improved now that she is being given the treatment she needed.

This is what their foster mum has to say about them:

“Ozzie is the cocker and is very energetic but is well trained and responds well to commands, he gets on well with all my dogs and is very playful. He enjoys playing with a ball and is very loving. Scooby is more quiet probably because of her skin condition but she also responds well to commands and is also very loving. She also gets on well with all my dogs. They are both delightful dogs to foster.”

Last Chance Hotel – Rehoming special animals that need specially caring homes. Based in Cornwall, South West England. Please visit their website to learn more about them or see the latest dogs available for adoption or fostering.

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