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Merlin is a sweet and sensitive soul. He likes nothing better than a good walk, a snooze on the sofa and a scratch behind his ears. He is housetrained and can go for about 3-4 hours without any drama. He is good on the lead, although has a haltie to minimise any pulling, although this is rare.

Merlin has had an unfortunate start in life, which has left him quite nervous of strangers. This means he will need someone who can give him the time and patience to help him regain trust in people; he is great with other dogs and currently lives with two other male dogs, has no issues with cats or the chickens in his foster’s neighbour’s garden but he is wary of people he does not know.

Once he trusts you, however, he has a lovely character…fully of waggy tails, the occasional kiss and a tendency to steal the duvet from you when he wants you to get up! He will make the ideal furry companion for an adult family, or one with older children, that spend time at home, to provide that much needed love and stability he needs.

As a gentle boy, it is hard not to fall in love with him.

Merlin has Leshmaniasis, Leishmaniasis is a disease that is transmitted by the sand fly Mosquito in Spain, A sand fly has to bite an infected dog and carry the infected blood to the next dog it feeds from and will then infect that dog, You cannot catch Leishmaniasis from a dog with the condition, you need to be bitten by a sandfly and we do not have any in the UK, so a dog with Leish is not contagious to you or your family. Mediterranean Leish is not the same as African Continent Leish which can be transmitted to humans

In the Uk vets do not have much knowledge of this condition and often can give advice that may be over cautious. We us Vets Klinic and they now have a good understanding of the condition.

Dogs who come to the UK with Leish, come with their blood tests and medication. Stress in dogs with Leish can lead to dogs having a higher reading and once settled in a loving home many dogs reading lowers, sometimes to the point they no longer need medication.

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