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**SPECIAL APPEAL** (And apologies – its a LONG post!)
Please share far and wide…. his home is out there somewhere. Could it be you? Or someone you know?

Brodie has been at the centre for many weeks now but this is the first time we have advertised him. He came into the centre having had 2 homes already prior to coming to us and he is a dog that needs a very special and unique owner and set up. Some of our supporters will know that sometimes it takes a little longer for some of our dogs to be ready to go home and he is just one of our ‘special cases’.

Brodie is a Spaniel/Labrador cross and is now 15 months old.

We are confident that this luscious looking man will generate a lot of interest because of his dashingly handsome good looks but he is not going to be a match for the majority. That’s why Brodie needs your shares. Please help us to help him.

Brodie’s wishlist for his new home goes a bit like this;

1. A rural set up. He’s not a dog for ‘town’ situations. Open spaces suit this lad well.
2. No children.
3. No cats.
4. Someone with time and energy to keep up with this young man. We have been working on trying to set him up to work as a sniffer dog and he certainly has the drive to do it, but those options are ultimately not the right path for this lad now.
5. Ideally no other dogs but for the right people and the right setup there is potential to consider him as a companion to an existing dog. We would need to have a chat with prospective owners about this.
6. Someone who understands that not all dogs are perfect. This lad has needed help and will need further help and will need an owner who wants to ‘coach & train’ him, not ‘challenge’ him.
7. Someone who can visit him multiple times at the Centre over a significant period of time before taking him home. Brodie takes time to TRUST and we need an owner who understands this and will help us to set him up for success.
8. A new owner who, whilst providing him with the ongoing training that he needs, is also able to accept Brodie for who he is. Fear, trust and anxiety cause problems for Brodie.

Now some dogs fly out of rescue into their new homes. We know that Brodie will take time to find the right people but we are ready to start looking. If Brodie could choose, he would love it to be just him and his dad in the middle of nowhere!! That’s what we want to try and find for him.

Please share far and wide. Anyone interested will need to call us for more information. Thank you for reading.
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