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Layla is a young and energetic cross breed, who is super intelligent! She is scared of new people and so can be vocal initially, so careful introduction and multiple visits will be needed for any perspective owners, but once your in Layla’s circle you will never regret it. What you will find is she is funny, quirky, and playful.

She enjoys other dog’s company but perhaps a bit too much, as she lacks manners and can be ‘Bossy’, so if she was to live with another dog, it would have to be a particular character.

Layla cannot live with cats or small furries.

She would be a fantastic and great companion for a rural, adult only home.

“Layla is truly one of a kind, she does need management, and a patient, sensible owner, but whoever has the time to commit to her will never look back. She has taught me so much, and continues to teach me new things every day about dog behaviour, as she is frightened and consequently reactive with certain things. I have taken her to my own home and she behaved beautifully. She didn’t counter surf and she was happy to join me on the sofa for some affection. I’d love to work with someone who had a rural adult only home, and just like all our dog’s we would always be a phone call away if you needed advice.

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