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Jazzy is a 1 year old Staffie.

Jazzy needs a pet free foster or forever home!

Jazzy lives with an 8 year old Staffie who is dying of cancer and Jazzy is too boisterous around her so has to spend lots of time in a crate so the other dog can stay calm and not hurt her previous wounds from surgery.

Jazzy is now becoming anxious as sadly her needs can’t be met.

Jazzy is very unsettled on the walk as she has pent up energy and seems stressed around other dogs!

She is very fond of playing ball, can bark at people walking past the home.

She is scared of the dark, bless her!

Please contact the rescue if you can offer a foster or forever home.

Home checks, Vet checks and Adoption fees apply.

Staffie and Stray Rescue is a non-profit organisation in Bournemouth who find forever homes for Staffie’s and other breeds. Tel. 07450 207417

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