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Maggie is a gorgeous softie with a heart of gold. She absolutely loves people as well as other dogs and just thinks the world needs a cuddle!

Maggie is still young and therefore full of beans! She is looking for a family who want to take her to puppy classes and help her to learn new things. She loves her toys and will do anything for them, which is ideal for her training!

Maggie came to us because her owners did not have the time to dedicate to a young dog. She lived with other dogs and children previously and we believe she could happily live with other dogs as long as they enjoy playing as much as she does! Maggie could possibly live with children but it would be beneficial if they had been around bouncy pups before as she may knock them over without meaning to, purely through puppy energy.

She is a very affectionate dog and cannot wait to find her forever family.

Teckels Animal Sanctuaries is a charitable animal welfare centre based in Whitminster. They were established in 2003 after a merger with the Swindon Animal Sanctuary who also provided a fantastic donation to improve their premises. They rescue abandoned dogs and cats and find them happy homes. Based in Gloucestershire.

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