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Willow has been with us a little while now and sadly gets over-looked. She’s a smashing girl who has lots to offer, but sometimes gets over excited and forgets her manners.

She’s very much a typical bouncy staffie who also loves her cuddles. She adores a comfy bed, so much so that staff have to tuck her into bed each night.

She will happily work for food and is a clever girl, but training will need to be slow and steady so she doesn’t become overwhelmed.

Willow isn’t suitable to live with other pets or children

Teckels Animal Sanctuaries is a charitable animal welfare centre based in Whitminster. They were established in 2003 after a merger with the Swindon Animal Sanctuary who also provided a fantastic donation to improve their premises. They rescue abandoned dogs and cats and find them happy homes. Based in Gloucestershire.

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