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Hiya my name is Shay,I am nearly a year old and I am a Greyhound X, I am looking for a new energetic home that will have the time to keep my training up to speed. I am very good with the basic commands like sit, stay and leave. The staff here tell me I need to work on my recall, but how can a girl do that when there are so many nice smells that take me off in different directions? I like to meet new friends so my socialization with other dogs is very good . I am meeting the other dogs that stay here and they are all very friendly towards me. I am going to have to work on my cat skills as I tend to chase them but I mean no harm. I might be an energetic pup who loves a good run on a big field or go for a walk but I also love cuddles and quiet time. If I am the dog for you, please call the office.

Waggy Tails Rescue is a registered charity. They rehome within East Dorset and West Hampshire

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