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Adopt Valcoux at German Shepherd Rescue EliteGSRElite were asked to take Valcoux in as an emergency. This is what they were told:

“Handover GSD, called Valcoux, French name and French chip, not sure how you spell it, dog is around 5-6 years old, male entire, they have had him 2 weeks. He has been bathed, clipped, deflead and wormed, don’t know if he is up to date with vacs. They can’t keep him because he is too bouncy and boisterous, can get over the fence, and they have 2 nine week old pups which he seems very interested in. He is good with children from 5 years up, but not sure about little ones, lives with a 5 and 7 yr old. He was kept outside in his previous home, doesn’t seem to have had any socialising or training from what I can make out, he is just a loony bouncy overgrown puppy. Hhe is chained in a very muddy, cluttered small garden, constantly getting the chain caught on things and wrapped around his legs, only has a plastic bottle to play with, which he absolutely loved, he did know sit and owner says he knows paw. They have not walked him near other dogs so don’t know what he’s like, don’t know about cats either, pulls a bit on the lead. Body Condition is a little lean, and apart from being plastered in mud his coat is in good condition. I feel so sorry for this poor boy, he is such a gorgeous handsome dog with so much potential, just in totally the wrong home, and looks like he’s been passed from pillar to post, needs a charity who knows what they are doing to make him into the stunning wonderful dog he is waiting to be.”

Now safely in our kennels where he will be neutered, this lad just needs an experienced home to give him the training and socialisation he has so badly missed out on. Careful introduction with other dogs at present but loves people.

Can you give him the home he deserves?

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Location: Bristol – KENNELS
Neutered: Yes
Good with children: Yes – Older Only
Good with other dogs: Careful introduction
Good with cats: Unknown

German Shepherd Rescue Elite was established to help unwanted, abandoned and neglected German Shepherds. General Enquiries: 01386 831851

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