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Meet Bonnie, a beautiful white girl , aged 18 months who is looking for a new home. We hope you can see from the photo that she is a small girl , with one blue eye and one black with a small black patch over the black eye. She also has an undershot upper jaw which means her teeth are visible for most of the time. Bonnie is a delight in the house, a beautifully soft girl , although she will let rip when the doorbell rings to the extent that callers have declined in numbers. Currently she is living with a placid 3 yr old boxer boy with whom she gets along fine. She is also great with the adults in the house and the two teenagers. However this lovely behaviour falls apart completely when Bonnie leaves the house. From the moment she exits the door she is on high alert, checking around hedges, behind cars and generally looking for any activity. If she sees a cat or dog or indeed any other livestock she lunges to get at them and barks. Despite her small stature [she is just 24 kg] she takes some holding. When off lead she loves to run and play and with no distractions her recall is good. However if she sees another dog even far off she is gone and is fearless in her approach . Regular dog walkers in the park are wary of her as she is trouble. If introductions are done carefully she can mix with other dogs. In fact she every weekend she walks with a small pack of dogs, off lead and is fine but if a different dog joins them she is extremely difficult. Bonnie has had behaviourist support and has improved but not sufficiently to give the family confidence to take her out and cope with her. Her Dad manages her well although he says you always need to be alive to what is happening about you. We think a home with no young children would be best , just for the fact that coping with Bonnie when out and together with the care of children would be very difficult and stressful.  She needs someone who is prepared to work with her on her behaviour and spend time addressing her issues. She is young and bright and so should respond to ongoing training. Currently Bonnie is in the West Midlands. If you think you would like to offer Bonnie a home, please speak with Lorraine Harvey on 01926 429903 in the first instance for a preliminary chat.

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