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 Breed Size Sex Age
  • Dexter is a young lurcher boy of around 18-20 weeks. He was dumped out of a car with 3 other lurcher pups at night. He will be a very big boy full grown but we do not know his exact mix.
  • He is currently 22 inches to the shoulder and still growing!
  • Dexter loves cuddles and will happily sleep on your knee. He’s only a puppy so very playful when awake but quite happy to play with toys on his own if you are busy. He is very pretty and will grow into a lovely and loving dog with the right home.
  • Dexter will sleeps through the night and is totally clean through the night.
  • He does like to chew…as he is teething but he can be distracted with a toy to chew.
  • Dexter shows a few small signs of separation anxiety which is common in pups his age and also common given an unsettled start. This is improving all the time but he will need someone around mostly at first to help him settle and work on making him happy when left. He can be left for 2 hours at a time once tired.
  • He is a happy young lad who loves meeting new people male or female. He can be homed with children and lived with a young child while waiting for his foster space – younger children would need to be used to bigger dogs as he will still jump up and will be a big bouncy boy.
  • Dexter has been confident meeting different dog breeds while in rescue – he tends to take things in his stride. He will respect older confident dogs and play with younger ones nicely.
  • He is partially house trained but does not yet know to ask to go out and needs continued work on house training but he is making good progress.
  • He is fine on short car journeys – may cry a bit on longer ones then settle.
  • He is in foster in Co. Durham near Seaham.
  • We ask that all adopters of pups under 6 months book puppy training classes with a positive & reward based trainer as part of their adoption agreement with Hounds First

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