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  • Jake is a 7 year old greyhound lad who came from a terrible greyhound racing kennels and he has been under medical treatment at Greyhound Gap kennels since being removed from his owner. Past steroid abuse and being kept in poor conditions mean he is never likely to be 100% well but he is in much better shape now on specialist food and with decent vet care.
  • Jake is currently in Greyhound Gaps kennels near Stoke on Trent but we would like to find him a foster home or foster with a view to adoption. Jake is a brilliant dog described by Lisa who runs Greyhound Gap as “ace, absolutely hilarious and just needs someone sensible introductions to the real world, he will lose his head in new situations so needs someone firm confident and calm to lead him through life”.
  • Jake could live with a calm female greyhound or as an only dog.
  • He needs a foster or adopter who is used to ex-racing greyhounds.
  • Jake is a beautiful boy who has been let down by his owners and needs some creature comforts in his retirement.

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