Dog for Adoption

 Breed Size Sex Age
  • Jimmy is a stunning 3 year old male ex-racing greyhound
  • He stands around 28 inches to the shoulder
  • He is happy being left for short amounts of time at least
  • Jimmy loves people – he is a friendly chap and can live with children over 10.
  • He gets on very well with all the other dogs in his foster home and all the doggy visitors alike.
  • He walks well on the lead
  • Recall and housetraining are ongoing but he is getting there!
  • A loving  boy who enjoys lots of fuss and cuddles
  • Loves to play with the other dogs in the garden and is very  gentle for his size.
  • Jimmy is in foster near Broughton, North Lincolnshire.

Adopt Jimmy at Hounds First

Hounds First operate throughout the UK. We rescue and rehome all ages and all types of sighthound. Charity 1152540 registered in Beaminster.

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