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  • Kia is a 9 year old lurcher girl. She is a stocky girl and stands 26 inches to the shoulder. She has had several litters prior to coming to rescue and been worked.
  • She is a very loving and low maintenance dog who deserves a happy retirement!
  • She is happy being left for 4 hours with absolutely no problem. She has no separation anxiety.
  • Kia is a very gentle and loving dog – she loves all people, children and other dogs and is a very steady older girl.
  • Due to her working past she would not be safe to home with a cat and does have prey drive as to be expected. She is well trained though and is fine around livestock and horses.
  • She travels really well in the car
  • Kia is a big lump of love. She is very easy going and placid and just wants to be near you for a cuddle. She has adapted quickly to a life indoors and is a bright girl who learns quickly. She is very accepting of any situation and nothing appears to worry her. She is very gentle despite her size, and does not jump up.
  • She will do a bit of saluki singing to greet you when you come home though! She loves people and has a waggy tail for them all. When let out she will toilet immediately. She has recently discovered toys and is happy to throw them in the air and catch them. She ADORES playing ball in the garden.
  • She is content to plod along beside you for a walk and does not pull, even when small furries appear-she just looks at you as if she is asking whether she needs to chase them or not.
  • She is very tolerant of smaller visiting dogs to my house and is very gentle with them. In the home she is no trouble apart from wanting to follow you all the time!
  • She does not beg around food and will go in her bed when told. She sleeps on her bed all night with no problems.
  • Kia is in foster in Halifax.
  • Kia has had most of her existing mammary tumours removed and but these may reoccur. Otherwise she is a fit, healthy dog for her age. She will be homed under a managed contract where Hounds First pay for vet treatment related to her condition  going forward.

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