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  • Pipiri is a young saluki x girl of 1-2 years old who was left at the vets with a broken leg which has now healed and she has vet sign off as recovered.
  • Pipiri is a lively, intelligent and very affectionate girl.
  • She loves to curl up and cuddle with you and is very friendly with new people, loving everyone she meets.
  • She is quite bright and will learn quickly when there are no distractions around. She loves toys especially a ball. She is quite happy to play by herself or with her people and loves a game of bitely face if there is a willing hound.
  • Pip is fine with dogs once she has met them but is a little nervous/excited with unknown dogs and we would advise walking in a muzzle at first until she is better used to getting out and about.
  • She is a wonderful dog who is full of life and would be best suited to an active home with another dog who likes to play.
  • Pipiri would be too bouncy to live with very young children – as she can be energetic and very lively and may knock them over! She would be great with older dog savvy kids who know how to behave around dogs of this breed.
  • She can be a little barky around dogs out and about but has only been going out and socialising again for a few weeks after her recovery. She lives happily with a number of other sighthounds.
  • Pipiri is totally house trained and will ask to go out.
  • She knows a number of commands including sit, leave, come and touch. Her recall is untested as she has only been allowed out again for the last couple of weeks.
  • She does have prey drive and may have been worked prior to rescue – she would chase if allowed. She would not be safe to live with a cat and needs a fence of 6ft.
  • Pipiri travels happily in the car and enjoys it.
  • She is in foster in Camberley, Surrey.
  • Although her leg is healed it will be excluded from any insurance polices as a pre-existing condition and as such any future ongoing costs for her leg will be covered by Hounds First.

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