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  • Rigby is a stunning Hancock lurcher (greyhound cross collie) lad who is 2.5 years old. He stands 27 inches to the shoulder.
  • He has come to rescue through no fault of his own due to owners ill health.
  • Rigby is like a big puppy, very enthusiastic and energetic and very very bright. He would be brilliant at canicross, agility or obedience and needs a home where someone can really give him the time and input he deserves. He is very adaptable and eager to learn.
  • He does have a collie’s sensitivity and will be sensitive to his owners emotions and moods so needs a stable, calm, loving home.
  • He knows a bag of tricks already including sit, stay, down, leave, heel, come, off, go to bed/mat and roll over!!!
  • Rigby loves children (and cleaning their faces!). He could be homed with kids of most ages – he is quite bouncy so little ones would need to be robust.
  • He does have prey drive and likes a chase – given his level of trainability this can be worked on. We would not home him with cats.
  • He has very high levels of energy but as long as he gets enough exercise also a very good sleeper.
  • Rigby is happy being left and sleeps well – he can be left for several hours.
  • He will get toys out of the toybox and put them on the table to have them thrown / played with.
  • He would be happy living with another dog or in a group. He greets politely and is fairly laid back around other dogs.
  • Rigby’s foster mum took him to Parkrun and he was VERY enthusiastic and pulled hard for the first 2 miles and liked meeting all the new people at the run.
  • Not at all aggressive outside the house with dogs or people.
  • Rigby will come back if there are no distractions. He will run over to people playing with balls, wanting to join in.  Will come back if you offer a good game!
  • Rigby is foster in Corby, Northamptonshire.

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