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  • Saffi is a rough-coated lurcher girl who is 15 months old – still a baby really.
  • She stands at 26 inches to the shoulder.
  • Saffi is not keen on being left at the moment and will bark and cry – she is currently left for about 30 mins with a kong but is improving all the time. Crate training is a work in progress. She will sleep in her crate downstairs overnight.
  • She is an energetic girl who will need two good walks per day.
  • Saffi loves people of all ages – she is a bit too bouncy and mouthy for young children. She would be OK with older kids with good parental supervision.
  • She is in foster with other sighthounds – she is not worried if they tell her off but can lack some doggy manners and any dogs in the home would need to cope with her bouncy nature – she is good natured though and its all puppy habits she will grow out of in time. She is fine meeting and greeting dogs out and about.
  • Saffi does have prey drive  – we would not home her with a cat or small furries. She is very interested in sniffing rabbit holes and will need lots of work to manage her around wildlife distractions.
  • She is now clean in the house but doesn’t know how to tell you she needs to go out yet.


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