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Adopt Scooby at Hounds First

  • Scooby needs a very special home.
  • Scooby is a gorgeous 3 year old lurcher boy who has been in our care for a while now and has been having special behavioural help while staying in a very good kennels run by one of our rescue friends since September.
  • Scooby is a complex character who has obviously had a difficult past.
  • He is a very loving, clever chap who enjoys human companionship.
  • He loves to run and play.
  • Scooby is highly anxious around other dogs and is open to go into fight mode. however with the right dog he ignores them, he is not the easiest as he quickly escalates and it would quickly be handbags at dawn. So he either needs to be in a home on his own, or with a very placid bitch, but we would have to do lots of introductions before hand under the guidance of a behaviourist.
  • He is not good with small dogs.
  • Scooby is scared of the dark and of noises, he currently has a radio on in his kennel which keeps him happy.
  • Scooby is nervous and is fear reactive towards people if he is not given space and chance to take himself out of the situation. His carer needs to understand canine behaviour and body language.
  • No children please!
  • Scooby is loving and cuddly and will give kisses, but under his terms, he worries if anyone pushes themselves on him, and if cornered he will react.
  • His adopter needs to know when he needs space and give it to him. 
  • Scooby cannot spend the rest of his life in Kennels and does deserve a chance.
  • We will give you full support and will put you in touch with a local behaviourist. You will also get to spend some time at kennels getting to know him before he moves to you. 
  • Can you give Scooby a chance and get him out of kennels and into a home?
  • Scooby is currently in Hertfordshire.

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