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  • Teazel is a young saluki lurcher girl of only 9 months – she stands at 24 inches to the shoulder.
  • She is OK being left for around 4 hours in the company of other dogs (crated). She may still chew a bit which is normal at her age or give the odd cry but soon settles.
  • Teazel loves men and women – she would be fine to live with kids but may be too bouncy for very young ones.
  • She gets on well with all the dogs in her foster home but does like to play very boisterously. She is also fine with dogs outside the home and does nice meet and greets. She would be too boisterous to live with small dogs unless they are very robust!
  • Teazel is living in foster with a cat and would be cat trainable with a brave cat that did not run.
  • She does still have the odd accident in the house – her house training is improving daily though.
  • Teazel can jump and would need a fence of 5ft or higher.
  • She is a pretty easy girl who loves to play.
  • Her recall is patchy at the moment and will need more training.
  • She walks well on lead – may pull a bit if she sees something of interest.
  • Teazel is a very loving dog. She is eager to please, she can be gentle and loves a fuss. She would love another young lurcher or energetic rough and tumble dog to play with (she tires even the most playful dog in the foster home out!).
  • She is pretty and exuberant – a typical 9 month old puppy girl!
  • She is in foster near Exeter.
  • Due to being under 12 months Teazel has not yet been spayed. She will be homed with a neutering contract and costs will be have to be covered by her owner as with all our puppies. She therefore cannot be homed where there is an un-neutered male in residence.

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