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Hello my name is Eddie and I am 4 years old. I am a handsome boy in search for my forever home! I am a very playful, happy-go-lucky dog but I can be worried about a few things, perhaps due to something in my past. It takes me a short while and a handful of tasty treats for me to warm up to you but when I do we will be great friends! I love zooming around the paddocks and playing with my toys. I am not fussy which toy, I like tennis balls, soft toys, squeakers, and even a leaf will do! After I am done playing, I like to cuddle up and relax. I really like being made a fuss of and will lean into you to let you know I want even more strokes! I am keen to learn and the staff here have used my love of food to teach me many tricks like sit, down and paw! I would be excited to continue my reward based training in my new home. I am looking for a home with adults or families who have children aged 14 and above. I would be best suited to someone who is at home most of the day as I am a social boy and do not like to feel lonely. I have made a few doggy friends here at the centre so I can live with a calm, laid-back dog of a similar size to me but I cannot live with cats.

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