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Hi there! My name is Opie and I’m a year old Staffie cross. I am looking for an extra special home as I am a very nervous and unsure girlie, having lacked the best socialisation as a youngster. I get scared in new situations and with new people, especially men and I feel that I have to either bark at the scary “thing” to try and make it go away, have a nervous wee or sometimes both. It is vital that my new home will give me lots of good associations and let me approach situations and people when I feel comfortable and if I don’t, let me have the space I need to feel more relaxed. I will need to have a “safe” place I can go to when people visit the home too. Once I’ve bonded with someone, I am a cheeky madam! I also have a bossy side and will demand food too! I could possibly live with a male dog, depending on meets, as I can get a bit OTT in my playing and don’t always listen when the other dog’s had enough! As I can be a bit grabby, I would be better in an adult only home.

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