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Hiya! I’m Slinky and I’m a 7 month old lurcher. I arrived at the Centre via the dog warden but with a little bit of my background known. I am an absolute sweetheart; full of fun and still in puppy mode! Being the breed of dog that I am, I am looking for an active home which will give me lots of exercise, fun, entertainment and training. I love being around humans and because I’ve been passed around a bit already in my short life, will need someone who will build up the time that I am left alone gradually so that I don’t develop separation issues, as I’m anxious that I’ll be abandoned again. I would be able to live with another dog and a homevisit would be needed if there was a resident cat; my nature would be to play but my breed traits may say otherwise! I am slightly lacking in manners and like to use my gangly legs to jump up and for that reason, I would be better living with older children.

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