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Paisley is a 7 year old black Labrador boy who came into the Oldies Club dog rescue because of changes in his family’s circumstances. He is now in an Oldies Club foster home near Aberlour in Moray, Scotland, waiting for someone to offer him a permanent home.  Paisley has been fine when left with the other dogs for 3-4 hours. He’s also been left completely on his own for an hour, just to see how he was, and was fine, but he is definitely happier being left with the other dogs. He lived with another dog in his previous home and loves their company, so in his new home he would be happier in the company of another dog. Provided he had the company of another dog, he should be fine to live with a part-time worker.

Paisley is not an old oldie; he is a fit lad with plenty of energy and loves to run and jump about. He walks well on a lead and doesn’t pull, but unless made to walk next to you he will walk ahead of you very purposefully! He occasionally wants to explore something further afield and will then pull, and when he does pull he’s very strong. His recall is good but occasionally he will ignore you if he’s busy exploring on the beach or in woodland etc. He loves exploring and really enjoys his off lead time. He stays fairly close and does not run off. He loves the beach most of all. Paisley is having two walks a day of at least 30 minutes (1-2 miles) each walk.

Paisley’s ideal home: Paisley is a sociable dog who loves being around you but is not clingy. He is happy just being near you and will lie down in his bed, chilling, a lot of the time. His ideal would be someone who is home most of the time and wants to spend time with him, giving him cuddles and having games of tug-of-war. A countryside or coastal home would be ideal for walks, but he’d probably enjoy a large park too. Paisley came from a home where there was another dog, and he loves being around other dogs, so a home with a compatible dog would be ideal for him.

Oldies Club rescue and rehome dogs via a network of foster homes. They also work with other rescues to publicise the plight of their older dogs too.

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