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Hello I am Sally.

I am 10yrs young but you wouldn’t know it as I am a lively girl.

I currently live with my fur friend Sam, 10yrs. Sam and I are brother and sister and we have lived with each other a few years now.

Sadly we got left behind when our owner left, but a lovley neighbour has taken us in and is now looking after us until we can find a new home.

We understand that perhaps not too many people will want to adopt 2 little Staffies all at once (we hope someone might though!) – but if we have to be separated I would need to be an only dog in the home please. You see although I live with Sam, and we get along fine, I dont really like other dogs, and I dont like cats either.

I am the liveliest of the 2 of us, I have a little arthritis now, but that doesn’t slow me down one bit.

I would like to stay with Sam if I can but if you only have space for me that will be okay – that means I get all the fuss and love!!

Senior Staffy Club is a registered charity who rescue and rehome Senior Staffys and Staffy Cross dogs aged 7yrs and over throughout the UK.

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