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My name is Shauna and I am a tiny little girl in size with a huge personality. I am funny and loving and a little cheeky to go with it.

I love my walks and I am good on my lead and very easy to control considering how tiny I am, but I can’t go too far these days. I am a little dithery you see and I get tired quite quickly – my head shakes and my little paws look like I am tap dancing. We are unsure as to what caused my wobbles but the vet lady said there is nothing at all obviously wrong with me now, so perhaps it was an old accident or trauma but I have certainly learnt to happily cope with the way I am now.  I am very friendly so I think I would be ok with little hoomans, but I am getting on a bit now so maybe older children would be better for me so I can have a peaceful home to live out my retirement years.

I am still being tested with other dogs. My key worker lady said I don’t react to them in kennels so she initially thought I was a good girl, however I have shocked her a few times being a bossy little madam and telling the other dogs off when we are out on walks, ha-ha – got to keep her on her toes haven’t I! So now she said we have to do some more testing with me – whatever that means. I am just a bit cheeky to be honest, so I could possibly live with a calm tolerant male who would take my bossiness on the chin, but we will carry on doing this testing malarkey and update you all again soon.

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