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Meet beautiful Kita who is looking for a foster home! Kita is a perfect example of the breed.

She is 7 years old and a loving friendly girl! As with all new dogs Kita will need patience and time to settle, she will sing you a few songs in the evenings whilst she is settling in and learning her new surroundings but she’s just letting you know she is there 
As with all Huskies Kita does pull on walks and she has a high prey drive (why we do not rehome with small furries!) she is a typical hyper loving girl, she adores gardening and is more than happy to help you dig new holes whether you want them or not 😁 she is also too intelligent for her own good and will open doors and jump fences to take herself off on adventures so you need eyes in the back of your head with this little monkey.

Kita is crate trained for when she is home alone as she does like a good old chew of anything she can! She does currently live outdoors but is house trained, although we would expect accidents as she has lived outdoors for 6 years so you must be patient, she will settle given time (we do not allow our dogs to live outdoors so you must be prepared to give Kita the time to adjust to indoor sleeping)

Kita is fantastic with children and does live with other dogs however she does need appropriate introductions as with most dogs, she loves spending her days sunbathing in the garden, digging muddy puddles and having cuddles with her people!

Kita does have some food aggression when it comes to treats and toys, she doesn’t act upon this but she does show guarding body language, this can be worked on but she MUST be fed on her own, giving her the space and security she needs to feel safe whilst eating.

At present Kita cannot live with entire males, she is due to be spayed by the end of the year.

Can you offer this gorgeous girl a foster home? If so fill in an application form on our website

STARS Rescue are a Siberian Husky Rescue charity helping abandoned Huskies in the UK; primarily focused on those at risk of being pts in UK pounds. Please note: STARS dogs can be transported anywhere throughout England, Wales and Scotland Mainland so location is not an issue.

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