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Pete Bushell is one of our delightful GRW Memorial Dogs, which means that he’s named after someone very special. Our boy Pete here is named after a very special volunteer from our flagship charity shop in Blackwood, in memorial of this very special man and his kindness towards animals and humans alike. Pete is a gorgeous blue brindle, stripey-tiger boy who brings smiles to the faces of all who meet him. He’s an ex racer so is unlikely to suit a home with cats, but he may well enjoy living with other medium and large breed dogs. Like many greyhounds, Pete is a sweet and sensitive soul, who will need slow and gradual introductions to the big wide world, as he can be a bit unsure in new and busy places. He is currently living in a foster home where he has settled well. continuing his medication to control an under active thyroid, enjoying walks with his new greyhound buddy and crashing out on his big cushion. life is good but he’d love a permanent home and family to make his own Please contact us for more information about Pete and the opportunity to chat with his foster family to find out if he’s the right boy for you.

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