Pear Drop

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Pear Drop is a 6 year old ex-breeding chihuahua. She is very sweet and extremely gentle and just wants to sit on someone’s lap and be loved for the first time in her life. Pear Drop will need at least one other dog of a similar size to be her friend and help her to learn about lead walking and house traing. This is a devine little dog that any chihuahua lover will love and with a little time. love and patience she is going to love her new life.

Many Tears Animal Rescue is a small rescue based in South Wales but has dogs in foster homes throughout the UK. They take in and rehome primarily ex-breeding dogs who are no longer required; those on “death row” in the pounds and those whose owners are no longer able to keep them. MTAR also has a small cattery which enables us to take a small number of cats.

With the help of staff and volunteers they provide a special and loving environment to help all their animals adapt and find permanent, loving new homes.

All dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, micro chipped, inoculated, and wormed.

All potential adopters are interviewed and homes vetted.

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