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What is my story?

Ant & Dec came from a shelter in Spain. They are oscars brothers who BGP rehomed a few weeks back


What am I like?

Ant – extremely clever, hobbies include opening doors, playing with toys and watching tv (favourite programmes are supervet, it’s me or the dog and The Durrells). Loves going on walks and steps happily into his harness and also tries to get into Decs as well. Loves playing with other dogs and humans, gives paw and enjoys snuggling up with humans and dogs. Will do anything for an ear rub

Where am I now?

Ant & Dec are in foster with 2 other dogs

Birmingham Greyhound Protection are a non-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of greyhounds in need. They are against the racing industry and raise awareness about the racing industry. Vast numbers of these beautiful dogs are killed and abandoned, over 10,000 in the UK and Ireland are unaccounted for every year. If you are interested in any of the dogs or in any aspect of BGP’s work please phone Kerry Elliman on 07773 943242

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