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Holly and Ben were found in a pound in Belgium, but were bred only a few miles away from BGP. They were going to be sent to Pakistan to be bred from so they are very lucky to be here now.

What are we like?
Update on Holly and Ben ❤️?. They were neutered last week and while they were there they had a full mot, bloods, dental & lung worm test. I did ask the vets if they could test them for drugs and send the blood to the lab. The vets spoke to the lab but because I have had them longer than 3 weeks it would show up negative. The reason I asked this is because I have never known greyhounds so wired, stressed and pumped up in my life. It came to a point they were fighting each other and I physically had to split them up. Even the vets and staff said they have never known greys like it. I was a little worried because even though they were fighting and redirecting on each other they love each other. A bit like me and my husband, can’t live with or with out each other ??. Thankfully the last 5 days they have chilled so much, not one fight or growl, they only jump up you about 5 times now when you go into them and Holly only neally knocked me out once today when she ran at me and head butted me. They are a million miles away from getting a home yet and I’m not rushing it. You can look into their eyes and soul to know they have had a very hard life. Their faces tell a million stories so the next time they move I want it to be forever so have to get it right. If you live on mars or somewhere where there’s no dogs, cats any other living animals they will be brilliant. A little island ? on their own would be wonderful lol.So proud of them tho they are doing great but a long way to go

Where are we now?

Holly and Ben are in boarding kennels

Birmingham Greyhound Protection are a non-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of greyhounds in need. They are against the racing industry and raise awareness about the racing industry. Vast numbers of these beautiful dogs are killed and abandoned, over 10,000 in the UK and Ireland are unaccounted for every year. If you are interested in any of the dogs or in any aspect of BGP’s work please phone Kerry Elliman on 07773 943242

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