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Max is coded “blue” he is a 4 year old neutered black and white short coated collie. He came into our care after biting the 8 year old child he”d happily lived with for 3 years. Max was eating his food and the child stroked him Max growled at her so she removed his food bowl and then smacked him causing him to react. Apart from this one incident Max had always been good with both the 3yr and 8yr old child in the home. Max is a little shy when first meeting new people so would be better suited to a quiet home without young children. He is housetrained, used to being left alone 6/8 hours, knows all basic commands and travels well. He was attacked by two dogs when he was a puppy and will now sometimes bark at others but if introduced correctly he is fine. Was rehomed for a year but has now been returned as in the last couple of weeks has bitten the 15yr old son when he was cuddling his mother and then bit a 17yr old visitor circumstances unknown. Owner had taken Max to a behaviourist and had been given advice we wouldn”t recommend such as using a correction spray and walking him on a halti.

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