Dog for Adoption

 Breed Size Sex Age

Miko is coded “Blue” he is a 3 year old neutered tri coloured medium coated collie. He originally came into our care due to his owners work commitments. Was in another home for 6 months but was returned as he bit the male owner when he was handling him.

Ben is housetrained, good when left alone odd hours, knows all basic commands and mixes ok with other dogs.

He is a friendly boy but does seem to have an issue around some men and also heavy handling so would be better suited to a quiet home with someone than understands his needs and can avoid putting him in situations he finds difficult. Although he has always been fine around children he has never lived with any. So may be better suited to a home with children over 13.

Border Collie Trust – Rescuing & rehoming Border Collies throughout the UK. Based in Staffordshire.

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