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Diesel is a really lovely boy-so friendly. He was so well behaved when he travelled to the Vets for his ‘snip’, dental operation and then his follow up visits.

He desperately needs a home whether its a longer stay foster home or permanent one (he has a very temporary foster home for a couple of weeks only from 8 Aug) . He was only in the kennels for a few weeks but he was so distressed at being in a kennel- he wants to be someone’s companion again, not enclosed and on his own.

Like most of the Staffies he wants companionship. He also started to lose weight in the kennels through stress. Thankfully because he is in his temporary lovely foster home he has started to gain weight and his coat looks great.

Please offer him a safe and loving home, He can jump quite high when in the kennels as he wants to be out of it, but the only time he has wanted to jump in his temp home is when he has seen a cat! So a cat free home only please!

We are so pleased that he settled into his ‘very temp’ foster home immediately. Such a good boy! So there should be no reason why he wouldn’t quickly settle in to a permanent home the same! Such a shame he had to go through such stress as he is clearly a good little boy. He sleeps through the night, is house trained and is a delight to have around.

We want only the very best for Diesel. He deserves a lovely home with lots of love and attention.

These photos in his ‘very temp home’ show just how quickly he setttled and what a smasher he is.

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