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Our charming ten-year-old SBT is our most mature and longest-serving inmate. With a lovable nature and a calming influence on the rest of the dogs, Billy is an absolute pleasure to care for.

Heartlessly dumped at the age of seven, he is long overdue a lucky break. BILLY loves both human and canine companionship and may benefit from the company of a calm, existing dog. Loyal and affectionate to his humans, he is the epitome of ‘man’s best friend’. Within a home environment, BILLY exhibits behaviour traits which are symptomatic of stress and he does resort to using his teeth with visitors. With this in mind, we are seeking a niche, low-adrenaline household with owners who are prepared to adapt their lifestyle and who have the facility to keep BILLY entirely separate to safeguard callers to the house.

BILLY is quiet, clean and non-destructive. Our little love-bug.

Due to previous incidents involving visitors to the home, we would place BILLY at around a 6 on our Rehoming Scale. With sensible owners, his issues are not insurmountable.

Dun-Roamin’ Rehoming is a registered charity No.1152712. They are a specialist organisation dedicated to rehoming abandoned and stray dogs, based in Tamworth, Staffordshire. Dogs are located in kennels in Leicestershire CV9 3LR.

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