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Wilson originally came into us as a 4 month old puppy back in January 2017. He was rehomed quickly but has now been returned 6 months later due to him and the resident dog not getting along very well. Outside of the home he gets on well with other dogs which we have found to be the case so probably best that he is the only dog in the home for now.
A lot of work has gone into this fellow – he was super nervous when he went out but has really grown in confidence although he can still be a little wary of new people for about the first 10 seconds then he is everyones best friend.
On the lead he walks well and is apparently a good traveller and has good recall.
Wilson would need someone around alot as according to his owner he doesn’t like to be left and makes himself busy by trying to destroy things. In the kennels however he is happy to be left and when we walk past his kennel he is usually fast asleep and hasn’t touched a thing but it’s something that may change in a home environment.
Will make a great addition to the family – he really a cracker 🙂

Forest Dog Rescue are a small charity based in Worcestershire offering much needed care and a safe haven to unwanted, abandoned and mistreated dogs from across the Midlands.

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