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Xena came to us just after Christmas from a private home and was signed over to us because her family felt that they couldn’t give her the time she deserved. She was due to be rehomed not long after coming in but sadly they pulled out and poor Xena ended up spending a whole month with us in kennels before being rehomed. She then spent just two days in her new home and was returned to us because she very quickly became possessive over one person within the house.
Xena absolutely hates kennel life and it breaks our hearts to see her so unhappy. All she wants is to be with a person and to be loved. We are looking for a very experienced adult only home for Xena where she will be given plenty of time to settle in , she will need a little patience and lot of reassurance that her new owners aren’t going to abandon her.
Xena can be very strong on the lead but we have worked on this and she seems happy to walk on a halti now. Off lead in the playpen she is a lot of fun, she chases balls but doesn’t ever bring them back!! Her recall is pretty good and her owners did used to let her off lead.
Xena is a very people orientated dog, she can be a little nervous at first and may take a while to warm up to new people but once she trusts and loves you she will be your loyal friend for life. Xena is happy to be around other dogs and enjoys a good play but we think she would be happier living as an only dog so she doesn’t have to share her beloved humans. She has previously lived with a cat but her owners said that she would chase so perhaps no cats either.
If you have a space in your heart for this big fluffball please give us a ring at the kennels.

Forest Dog Rescue are a small charity based in Worcestershire offering much needed care and a safe haven to unwanted, abandoned and mistreated dogs from across the Midlands.

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