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Ladies, form an orderly queue for this charmer and his dazzling eyes. Cooper was picked up as a stray and sadly never claimed. He is a typical loyal, friendly staffie, who loves to meet new people and bonds with people really quickly. He needs some work regarding training but the staff are already helping him with this and we are already reaping the rewards.

Cooper will want a home where his owners are around for the majority of the day. A calmer home will be prefered with his owner prepared to give him plenty of time to settle in and get used to his new home. He’ll need a ample sized and well enclosed garden to mooch about in and as long as he has a corner of a sofa to curl up on at night he’ll be a happy chappy. He could live with a compatible dog and children of a suitable age but no small furries.

Breed Description

Being a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cooper he shares many traits associated with the breed. He just loves to be with the family and doesn’t like being left to his own devices; it doesn’t matter what that might be, going out in the car or just watching TV. He is loyal and forms a bond quickly.

Worcs Animal Rescue Shelter is dog and cat rescue centre which has 21 kennels. They are based near Malven in Worcestershire.

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