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Mumble has come into WARS from another rescue. He was found as a stray and never claimed. He really is a lovely boy, very friendly and just loves to meet new people. He is a gentle boy, typical of his breed. He walks well on his lead and then when let off he will have a good run and stretch of his legs, he is then done and ready for bed. He has made friends with Cricket on site and they play well together. He will need basic training and further socialisation which the staff here are helping him with.

Mumble would need an ample sized, fully enclosed garden with 6ft fences around, so he has room to run and play. he could live with another suitable dog but no cats or small furries.

Breed Description

Lurchers are crossbreeds so their temperaments and behaviours can be influenced by other breed traits. Like most Lurchers, Mumble would enjoy a good snooze in front of the fire in between racing around the garden. Being young, he is still learning but is bright eager to learn more so dog training classes would be strongly advised. He, like many Lurcher types has a strong prey drive so it’s important that this is channeled in the right way.

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