Dog for Adoption

 Breed Size Sex Age

Maddie arrived from the stray kennels. She is a timid girl and is easily spooked by sudden movements. Maddie is not a small dog and she does have a habit of jumping up with excitement therefore she will need experienced owners who are used to strong breeds. She is going to need lots of training, support and guidance so that she can reach her full potential of becoming a well obedient girl.

Type of Home Needed:

Maddie needs a quiet home as she does not like a busy atmosphere. She is easily spooked by sudden movements and will require training to help her overcome her fear. She is a friendly girl once she trusts you, she will need an active home where she will have plenty of exercise and a home with older children only or a home with no children due to her size and bouncy behaviour. An experienced dog owner who is used to handling strong breeds. She will need a home with high secure fencing.

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