Milo and Bertie

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Milo & Bertie @HAWTrust.  These dogs have been in one home since they were pups but now the owners are moving and cannot take them along.  Milo is the Border Terrier type, male aged 6 years.  Bertie the Jack Russell, male aged 3 years.  They are quite a lively pair, can be excitable when first on lead but they do settle down, can pull a bit.  They have lived with adults and a 16-year-old with a visiting 3-year-old.  Don’t like cats or small furries, seem ok with other dogs.  Travels well in car, ok in traffic, likes grooming and bathing.  House trained, no health problems but need separate feeding as Bertie can be food aggressive around Milo.

Hull Animal Welfare Trust are a charity based in Hull that rehome dogs and cats.

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