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Tutti is a beautiful small Spanish Crossbreed who loves to have lots of space to play in, she does not like to be in small spaces, it makes her very anxious. Tutti’s favourite thing to do is chase a ball and run around in our paddock, she would play out there for hours if she could! Therefore her new home would need to have a really secure garden for her to play in. After play time she likes to get comfy on her chair and have a snooze and a cuddle, she enjoys the company of people for playing and for lots of love. Tutti walks really well on the lead and doesn’t react to dogs she walks by.

Tutti’s history is unknown to us and it seems she has been left with a behavioural issue involving a lot of anxiety around her missing tail, this means that she does need special attention and understanding of her behaviour. At the sanctuary we have referred her to our vet and tried everything medically to help her overcome this, however it has not been possible. We have instead been able to manage her behaviour by giving her plenty of space and allowing her to have free time in the paddock and lots of exercise to keep her mind occupied. We also have to make sure there are no squeaky toys around as the sound of this brings about a lot of anxiety in her!

If you think you have the time and capacity to love and look after our special girl then please speak to her carer; she is available for fostering.

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