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Roxy is a gentle older Mastiff type who arrived in early January 2018. Roxy is a real sweetie who would suit a single owner or a couple in a child free environment. Roxy is looking for a loving home where she can enjoy going out for long walks and playing with a ball, ideally with the chance to meet other big dogs to play with. After walkies, Roxy loves nothing more than having lots of fuss and cuddles on the sofa with her human friends.

Roxy came into rescue due to a change in owner circumstance and they are very sad to see her go. She loves to meet and greet everyone coming to the house and loves to fuss new people and then will happily chill wherever the people are in the house – preferably with sofa time! She is very well house trained and is fine being left for short periods alone. She walks well on the lead with a Halti but would require some familiarisation with the new owners before off lead walks were introduced. She is better interacting with bigger dogs as she sometimes reacts to smaller aggressive dogs. Roxy is not very comfortable around inquisitive young toddlers however will be ok in a house with children older than 7 years old.
Roxy is a really lovely dog who just needs to find another suitable home where she can receive the same amount of love that she is ready to give to you.

Moorview Rescue is a charity rescuing and rehoming dogs. Based in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire.

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