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Meet Orla @RainRescue – this bubbly young American Bulldog girl came to Rain as an unclaimed stray out of the pound. She arrived very scared and shy, but with time, patience and some tasty treats has been growing in confidence day by day. We think Orla may be deaf (or have very partial hearing), so will need an owner willing to help her to learn hand signals and her basic commands, however this is often no more difficult than training a dog with hearing! Orla loves to play- she loves tug games- and is beginning to learn to drop her toys on command. She is also a very affectionate lady and although sometimes a little exuberant, is definitely one for fusses with her favourite people.

Orla has been good with dogs she has met at the centre and although she prefers dogs that are not overly bouncy and ‘full on’, she may be happy to live with a canine companion, after a successful introduction. Due to her size and bouncy nature, we would prefer a home with teenage children, who better understand her needs and nature. This lovely girl will make a super dog for a home who have the time and patience to continue her education. Could you offer Orla a fresh start?

  • SUITABLE WITH DOGS- Possibly, appears to be good with the dogs she has met at the centre

Rain Rescue are a Registered Charity in Sheffield working in and around Yorkshire saving the lives of dogs and cats from crisis situations often dogs due to be put to sleep in the council stray pounds and cats abandoned on the street. Each year Rain Rescue saves the lives of around 300 animals. For general enquiries please email : info@rainrescue.co.uk

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