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Meet Winnie the Whippet girly @RainRescue, what a sweetheart. Shy at first but a real darling this girl is. She might have some years behind her but this doesn’t stop her enjoying a good trot around the paddock here. Anyone looking for a loyal companion dog might have just found the right dog for them. Sadly Winnie cannot live with cats but she is good with other dogs and might enjoy the company of another in the home.

GOOD WITH DOGS – Winnie has been good with those she has met here, although she is currently in season and so introductions to other dogs may not be possible at the moment.
GOOD WITH CHILDREN – 8 + may consider younger if they are sensible and used to being around dogs

Rain Rescue are a Registered Charity in Sheffield working in and around Yorkshire saving the lives of dogs and cats from crisis situations often dogs due to be put to sleep in the council stray pounds and cats abandoned on the street. Each year Rain Rescue saves the lives of around 300 animals. For general enquiries please email :

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