Awwwwwwwwww look at the little Fluffie Wuffie!  Mmmm I have heard that several times and honestly, it does my street-cred no good whatsoever, although I don’t mind the attention it gets me – especially from the ladies. ; )

I am probably a Beddlington X Whippety/Bearded Collie (see Fluffie Wuffie comment above) type and around 22”, as is my sister Eve and we are both only about 12 months old.  I have had a strange old start to life and was found wandering the streets.  Due to this, everything is new and VERY exciting. Think of me as a blank (crinkly) page that needs unscrewing and writing on.  I know little of anything, which is actually not a bad way to be, as I absorb new things like a sponge (as does my hair I am afraid)!

I am bright as a button, as well as being ‘cute’ (soooooo not a manly description) and would excel at something that uses my brain – activity toys, agility, fun, fun fun!  I have met some dogs out on walks and am a little unsure of them (not that manly after all perhaps).  I am not sure what their intentions are (or even what they are in some cases), so I will need another confident dog, to help me feel more at ease.  Humans are GREAT however!  They are the source of all good things.  I am not sure about children yet, as I haven’t met that many but  as I am young and bouncy, I would best be suited to older children, who will help with my training.

Cats are also not in my future – sorry!

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