Abby & Lucy in Surrey


Abby & Lucy need a stable home and a family that can offer them time to customise to a new situation. Abby can be nervous of new people but soon settles and is affectionate. Abby & Lucy are an item entwined twins so need to remain together but alone a a single pet item. NB Our Rescue asks owners to maintain dogs on lead in public spaces and manage encounters, as dog law changes place dog’s lives at greater risk.

Abby & Lucy are 2 rescue dogs for adoption at Rescue Remedies in Surrey

Abby & Lucy – Rescue Remedies

Known background: Abby & Lucy’s family were evicted; we found them on the roadside and agreed to take their 3 dogs into safety. Bliss the elderly dog went separately into foster and was homed. Abby & Lucy are neutered, chipped and vax’d. Abby & Lucy share a foster placement in South London with a dog walker coming in most days to walk them.

About Abby & Lucy: Abby is holy and loyal. Lucy is LoobyLou. An easy pair who offer everything as companion dogs. They are gentle and caring, both grew up with a baby as puppies through to 3-4 year old when they lost their home. Excellent in the home but nervous of unknown visitors so tend to be introduced gently with treats. They are more confident to meet people outside. Fully housetrained. They love their walks; can be left and enjoy the car. They usually sit on presentation of food, needing a prompt on occasions. Abby & Lucy play together, run together and choose to walk touching each other. Can you help them find a home together?

Abby & Lucy are litter sisters 4 years old medium-sized Crossbreed who grew up within a family and a Boxer. They arrived very thin, with chronic flea infestation which was easy to resolve with repeated baths and treatment. Fully wormed and soon regained her target weight and slightly over, such is the goodlife. Everyone loves them once settled and relaxed they are good meeting children, people and other dogs. They need a sensitive and committed family to provide for them and support them as their nerves initially can surface due to an early sheltered life within their original family.

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