Scruff is an energetic young dog, who will turn 2 in August this year. He loves playing in the water troughs and making huge splashes. He also loves the freedom to run around in the paddock and is very playful. He is very responsive to treats and this will be very helpful for further training.

He likes to go on the pack walks and is very good with most dogs, but it takes a little while for him to trust people, men in particular. We recommend Scruff finds an adult only home with no cats. It would be beneficial for a potential family to visit with him a few times in kennels to ease the transition into a home. It will also give a potential family an opportunity to see him enjoying playtime and walks once they have gained his trust.

Scruff will be fine as long as the potential home have good dog experience & are prepared to put in some efforts to help him adjust. We recommend seperate feeding for Scruff if he is to share his home with doggie brothers or sisters, at least to start with.

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