Benji is a beautiful crossbreed born August 2014. We are guessing at American Bulldog and Labrador cross. He is a very friendly, happy chap that seems very intelligent and eager to learn. Benji is a typical puppy that needs someone with the time and patience puppies need.

Benji has come into rescue as his owners decided living in a flat wasn’t the best for him. He needs someone who is capable of catering to a large dogs needs as he isn’t fully grown yet and already the size of a Labrador.

Benji is full of life and is a typical inquisitive puppy who is into everything. He loves to know what is going on around him. Benji is very affectionate and loves company and cuddles. From what we have seen he is very quick to learn and enjoys the training process. It is clear he is eager to please.

Benji needs some lead training, although generally he walks quite well at times he can use his strength so needs more work in this area. He can sometime start to play with the lead which then becomes a tug game so agian needs some work on this too. When walked with other dogs he is very excited and tends to pull more but we are working on this by socialising him more. All in all Benji is a great dog and is learning very quick how to behave on a walk.

Benji will make someone a very loyal and loving pet and we highly recommend a viewing as his pictures don’t do him enough justice!

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