Adopt China at LancashireChina is a 10 month old Staffy cross Whippet who is a lovely sweet girl, dog and child friendly. China is a very tactile girl who loves to be close and have lots of contact with her human pals. She also loves to sit next to the fire, she’s there as soon as it’s turned on!

China could share her home with another dog who is confident and willing to take control, or a dog who loves to play as much as she does! She still needs to learn some doggy manners…. she is very puppy like in her play and can be a bit OTT for calmer dogs.

Children in the home should be older and confident as she likes to jump up and can be boisterous with her youthful exuberance! This will improve as she matures and settles down.

China has already learned some basic commands including her name, sit, down, paw, heel, and she will swap her toys on cue too. She is very, very eager to learn, she will do anything to please you and she responds very well to positive training. She is very food orientated which makes training very easy. China hasn’t been off-lead with her foster family, but she has an excellent recall in the house and garden, so hopefully with continued training she will be good off-lead too. China would be good in an active home or someone who will spend plenty of time with her.

China has the biggest heart and after a few days in foster care she already follows her fosterer around the house and wants to be with her human wherever they go. We are looking for a home where someone will be around most of the day because China is not good being left on her own for long hours during the day.

China is house trained and crate trained, she will settle nicely in her crate after a few minutes and she sleeps well through the night.

On walks, China will lunge towards other dogs because she wants to play, if the other dog wants to play then they will play nicely together, then when the other dog has had enough, China will walk on with you. At the moment China wears a comfy harness because she can be strong on the lead. She does understand how to walk to heel but forgets and needs reminding!

To adopt China, please complete the online Adoption Application form on Homeless Hound’s website and they will be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you
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